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Asbestos-what is it and what should you know about it.

Asbestos is a mineral that is fibrous in nature. It has been used in building materials for thousands of years because it added strength to pottery and it was also fire proof. In the US it was used for thermal and electrical insulation as well. Many people life in homes with asbestos in certain parts of their home and are never affected by it. If you're considering demolition or removing areas of the home that may contain asbestos, that is where higher exposure and health issues may arise. In Washington state a homeowner can remove asbestos themselves if they follow the regulations in place set forth by your local Clean Air agency or the EPA. You can find most of what you need online through their websites. In general when hiring a demolition contractor you will need to have an asbestos survey as well the asbestos removed prior to demolition. Once this is completed by a certified asbestos removal contractor you will receive a Certification of Completion. This certificate will allow the demolition contractor to proceed with their work.

Asbestos can be found in siding, walls, countertops, window putty, popcorn ceiling textures, etc. Hiring out the testing is recommended to ensure sampling is done correctly. We recommend RSG Abatement and Demolition in Tacoma, WA for testing and removal. They are highly dependable and skilled in this area.

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