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Manufactured or Mobile home Demolition

The first step in your process should be determining if the structure has had the title eliminated. Meaning, it's no longer a trailer on a piece of property but has been added to the title of the property. A title company can help with this process. Once that is done the next steps to take are as follows.

  1. Contact your municipal or county permit office and they will be able to provide you a checklist of items needed for your demolition permit.

  2. Contact the utility companies and schedule the decommissioning of the power, gas, cable and water services.

  3. Have the structure tested for Asbestos- many pre 1978 homes have silvercoat roofing and window putty that will need to be removed prior to demolition. Once this is done you will have most of what you need.

  4. In King County, Seattle proper you will need to have a certified pest control company abate the property for 2 weeks prior to demolition. Once this is completed you will fill out the Rat Abatement Declaration form and submit it with your permit docs.

  5. Hire a Demolition contractor. You should expect the contractor to handle some of the utility disconnects needed. Such as sewer disconnect, Septic Decommission if needed and water disconnect. A good contractor will be able to help you navigate some of the questions and the permit process. Most likely you will need to name the contractor doing the work on your permit form

  6. Once demolition is complete you will most likely need either a Salvage Assessment or Affidavit of Disposal which in laymen terms is "where did you send all of the waste".

Typically this process can take from 1-3 months depending on permitting and contractor availability.

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